Glass Processor: Chevron Glass

Glass Installer: Packers

Builder: Emmett Construct Pty Ltd

Principal glazing resource: Viridian SpectraElements™ and SuperGrey™

Images: Thanks to Emmett Construct Pty Ltd.


Glass proves key ingredient in creating collaborative work space

Located on the corner of Frome Road and Flinders Street, global accounting firm, Grant Thornton, chose the heart of Adelaide’s central business district as the setting for their new South Australian headquarters.

Described by Iain Kemp, Managing Partner at Grant Thornton South Australia, as ‘a world away’ from the more traditional office space of individual, partitioned cubicles, the new office puts staff connectivity at its core.

The introduction of open plan work desks for both groups and individuals, ensures the office operates as a truly collaborative space where juniors sit next to partners, gaining first-hand experience of their mentors in action.

With a brief that called for a light-filled, comfortable workspace, combined with a need of privacy from outside, glass proved a key material in meeting the project’s design objectives. An expansive glazing facade was introduced to illuminate internal spaces with natural light while creating a beautiful indoor-outdoor connection that ensures teams can enjoy their location at the heart of Adelaide’s CBD.

Looking for a glass that met this brief, but also provided privacy from the outside world, the design team turned to Matthew Morrissey of Packers, who in collaboration with Stuart Bulmer of Chevron Glass, Viridian Glass and their respective teams combined to deliver a solution.

“The project required a product that delivered on performance and aesthetic,” explains Mr Bulmer.

“We needed a glass solution that provided reasonable light transmission, yet also ensured staff had privacy from passers-by outside. Consideration of the spandrel glass also had to be taken into account.

“Viridian’s SpectraElementsTM Vesper was the perfect choice for the spandrel glass. It provided the best colour consistency and ensured a seamless connection between the spandrel glazing and the insulated glass units using Viridian SuperGreyTM in the façade.”

A decorative glass, the dramatic Vesper colour introduced a bold, architectural statement to this modern, corporate space, while also providing a sophisticated accent to the building’s overall design.

“As a toughenable, Grade A safety glass, as well as a product that can be heat soaked, SpectraElementsTM is resistant to impacts such as thermal shock, high temperatures and UV light making it a perfect spandrel choice to withstand the soaring summer conditions of the South Australian climate,” explains Mr Bulmer.

The fact that the product is pre-painted also proved beneficial for the design team, as this reduced the glass’s overall processing time, helping deliver a more efficient and speedy build.

The design team also relied on the technology offered by high performance insulated glass units to overcome the issue of solar exposure in this open plan and generously glazed building.

Stuart worked with Viridian Account Manager, Joe Accaputo, to source the glass. The Viridian team ensured the glass was able to be ordered in the quantities needed, deliverable on the required timelines and suitable for the applications within the project.

Tasked with the challenge of creating this light-filled and engaging workspace, Packers worked in collaboration with Emmett Construct and Chevron Glass to meet the client’s specific project requirements and deliver a striking facade that fused beautifully with the building’s overall design.

The result is an inspiring and thoughtful workspace that Grant Thornton’s team will benefit from for years to come.