Through light we see colour. Visible through the human eye, colour spectrums illuminate our lives and spaces everyday. By incorporating solid and transparent colour into spaces we can enhance moods and experiences, accented by the light.

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Black or white colour backed glass adding a subtle reflection to decorative applications

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Laminated coloured glass, for decorative applications which require colour consistency and durability

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Colour backed decorative glass - available pre-painted for shorter lead times and colour consistency

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Colour backed decorative glass - extensive standard range and customisable to suit your space

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Through touch, feel and vision, glass is able to create surfaces possible in glass through which light transforms into layers and depth. The surface obscures light to create scale and depth.


The play of light in spaces is enhanced by the surface of glass itself. By using reflection, we are able to bounce, direct and return light in environments, enhancing our places of work and life.

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Laminated safety mirror - adds depth and light to spaces which require added durability

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Vinyl backed safety mirror - adds depth and light to your space with added safety

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Interior mirror - adds reflection and depth to your space with added durability

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Diffused natural light with acid-etched translucent glass. One of the most unique properties of glass is the ability to diffuse light through surfaces. Lightly softened surfaces such as translucent and frosted glass introduce layers and depth, and delicate light, illuminating tranquil and private spaces.

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Frosted etched glass for internal and external spaces - adding light and privacy

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Translucent laminated glass for spaces which require privacy and natural light

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Light, technology and imagination alters our surfaces. By projecting light we can transmit thoughts, desires and images, creating infinite possibilities.




Decorative mirror which transmits pictures when a digital display is turned on and conceals it when not in use

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