Mirrors add a great sense of space to a room and provide valuable light reflection to enhance the available natural lighting. Our MirraEcho™ range offers the perfect addition to any room.

MirraEcho™ offers excellent light reflection, perfectly complementing a sleek modern design.

DecorMirror 1 Illuminate Spaces

Illuminate Your Space

MirraEcho™ has a high light reflectance – making your room lighter and brighter.

DecorMirror 2 Long Lasting Durability

Long-lasting Durability

MirraEcho™ is produced with two coats of special backing paint, offering additional protection to the silver coating from steam, moisture and chemicals.

Range of tones

MirraEcho™ is available in a range of tones to suit your residential or commercial design, 



Choose clear for stunning clarity and to maximise the natural light bouncing around your room.


Choose grey for an understated yet elegant look that sets your space apart from the rest.


Select bronze for a golden hue that can be used as a feature in any modern setting.

Diagram Mirror


The silver coating of MirraEcho™ offers high light reflective qualities, enhancing the natural light in your space.

Technical Specifications

  • Bathrooms
  • Wardrobes
  • Traditional framed mirrors
3mm Clear 3660 x 2440
4mm Clear 3660 x 2440
4mm Grey and Bronze 3660 x 2440
6mm Clear 3660 x 2440
6mm Grey and Bronze 3660 x 2440
6mm SuperClear 3660 x 2440
5mm Clear 3660 x 2440
6mm Black 3302 x 2438
Thickness (mm)
Product 3 4 5 6

* By enquiry.

MirraEcho™ is manufactured in a wide variety of sizes to minimise cutting loss.

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