It helps when products will last as long as long as you’ll love them. MirraShield™ is a mirror you can count on to stand the test of time in terms of style and strength.

MirraShield™ delivers all the decorative benefits of a mirror, with the additional benefit of being a Grade A safety glass. Tougher than most mirrors, the range maintains its structural integrity even when cracked.

DecorMirror Laminate 1 Open Up Space

Open up your Space

MirraShield™ has a high light reflectance of up to 94% – significantly brightening up any room.


Long-lasting Durability

MirraShield™ is produced with two coats of special backing paint, offering additional protection to the silver coating. This means your mirror will last longer, and look better.

DecorMirror Laminate 3 Environment Friendly

Safety & Durability

A resilient laminated silvered glass, MirraShield™ maintains its integrity even when cracked, and is a Grade A Safety Glass (AS/NZS2208).

Diagram Mirror


The high light reflective qualities of MirraShield™ enhance the natural lighting of your space.

Diagram Laminate


MirraShield™ is produced with the silvered surface inserted between two pieces of glass – giving additional protection to the silver coating from steam, moisture and chemicals.

Technical Specifications

Where assessed and glazed in accordance with relevant standards:
  • Lifts
  • Wall linings
  • Dance studios
  • Night clubs and bars
  • High activity areas 
  • Maximum Size:
    3660 x 2440mm
MirraShield™ is only available in clear.

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