Whatever the weather outside, you should be able to enjoy the view without feeling the summer heat or winter chill. That’s why we designed our ComfortPlus™ range to keep you feeling comfortable no matter the season.

ComfortPlusTM is Australasia’s leading Low E performance laminate, suitable for both commercial and residential applications and available in a contemporary and comprehensive range of tones.  


Year-round Comfort

ComfortPlus™ gives you improved insulation and a choice of solar control compared to ordinary glass – so you can enjoy the ideal temperature in your space.

ComfortPlus 2 Illuminate Your Space

Wide range of options

Each tone from the range has benefits suitable for different residential and commercial applications, widening your opportunity to choose the best glass type based on the needs of your project. 

ComfortPlus 3 Interior Protection

Interior Protection

ComfortPlus™ reduces UV radiation by 99%, increasing the life of the furniture in your home or building.

Select Your Tone

ComfortPlus™ is available in a variety of different tones to achieve different glass performance measures. Browse the options to preview all the different looks:

ComfortPlus™ Clear

ComfortPlus™ Neutral

ComfortPlus™ Light Grey

ComfortPlus™ Grey

ComfortPlus™ Bronze

ComfortPlus™ Translucent

Diagram E-coating

Low E Coating

Coating is applied that allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.

Diagram Laminate


The ComfortPlus™ range has a laminated layer than contributes towards making the range a Grade A safety glass as standard. 

Diagram UV Protection

UV Protection

ComfortPlus™ reduces the rate of UV light entering the space by 99%.

Technical Specifications

  • Facade
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Overhead Glazing
Colour Thickness (mm) Maximum Size (mm)
Clear 82 6.38 3660 x 2760
8.38 5100 x 3210
10.38 5100 x 3210
12.38 5100 x 3210
Green 71 6.38 3660 x 2440
10.38 3660 x 2440
Neutral 59 6.38 3660 x 2760
8.38 5100 x 3210
10.38 5100 x 3210
12.38 5100 x 3210
Light Grey 54 6.38 3660 x 2440
10.38 3660 x 2440
Bronze 49 6.38 3660 x 2440
10.38 3660 x 2440
Grey 40 6.38 3660 x 2760
8.38 5100 x 3210
10.38 5100 x 3210
12.38 5100 x 3210
Translucent 6.38 3660 x 2440
8.38 3660 x 2440
Thickness (mm)
Product 6.38 8.38 10.38 12.38
Clear 82
Neutral 59
Green 71

Grey 40
NEW: Light Grey 54
NEW: Bronze 49 ♦ 
Translucent ♦ 
*Note: Colour variation may be apparent in differing thicknesses.
Not all thicknesses available to 5100 x 3210mm.

Application Suitability

Always consult with Viridian or your designer/architect on the appropriateness of this product for your specific application need. 


The presence of haze can occur in some lighting conditions. Consult to a sample and your Viridian representative for guidance on the correct tone selection for your application and conditions.

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ComfortPlus™ is not designed to prevent surface condensation and its insulating capacity is reduced should this occur.

Cleaning, Installation and Care 

The Low E coating on this product requires special cleaning, installation and care to ensure it maintains its quality on install and beyond. Refer to the care document or your Viridian professional for this guidance.

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Thermal Risk

Always assess your chosen product for thermal risk prior to specifying.

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Glazing of coated surface to interior

The Low E coated surface should be glazed to the inside of the building. ComfortPlus™ should not be used when the surface is permanently exposed to the exterior.

Colour Consistency

Samples should be viewed by designers and building energy professionals consulted for suitability. Where colour consistency is important only use on thickness. For large projects, please consult with Viridian.

Air Conditioning Vents

The placement of air conditioning vents adjacent to and directed on the internal glass surface coating may reduce the performance of this product.

ComfortPlus (6.38mm only) U-Value SHGC Visible Light Transmission %
Clear 82 3.6 0.68 82
Green 71 3.6 0.50 71
Neutral 59 3.6 0.51 59
Light Grey 54 3.6 0.56 54
Bronze 49 3.6 0.53 49
Grey 40 3.6 0.50 39
Translucent 3.6 0.56 62

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