If you want to bathe your space in natural light but still control the temperature within – then look no further than our EnergyTech™ and SolTech™ range.

Both these products were specifically designed for Australian conditions and use enhanced solar control to keep buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter. So you can open your space in natural light without compromising on comfort.
EnergyTech 1 Year Round Comfort

Year-round Comfort

EnergyTech™ and SolTech™ provide better insulation and enhanced solar control levels to keep your space comfortable across all seasons.

EnergyTech 2 Energy Effeciency

Energy Efficiency

EnergyTech™ and SolTech™ can both keep the temperature of your room controlled, lowering your energy consumption and reducing the need for additional heating and cooling.

EnergyTech 3 Illuminate Your space

Illuminate Your Space

The low visible light reflectivity of the range allows natural light to flood into the room, making your space lighter and brighter.

Select Your Tone

EnergyTech™ & Soltech™ are available in a variety of different tones to achieve different glass performance measures. Browse the options to preview all the different looks:

EnergyTech™ Clear

EnergyTech™ Grey

EnergyTech™ SuperGreen

SolTech™ Grey

SolTech™ Neutral

Diagram E-coating

Low E Coating

Coating is applied that allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.

Diagram Toughened


Products in the range can be toughened to be five times stronger than ordinary glass.

Technical Specifications

  • Single glazing
  • Can be laminated
  • Used in IGU's to enhance performance
  • Residential & commercial buildings
  • Retrofit glazing
  • Maximum Size:

    EnergyTech Clear - 5100 x 3210mm

    EnergyTech Green - 5100 x 3210mm

    EnergyTech Grey - 5100 x 3210mm

    EnergyTech SuperGreen - 5100 x 3210mm

    SolTech Neutral - 5100 x 3210mm

    SolTech Grey - 5100 x 3210mm
Thickness (mm)
Product 3 4 5 6  8 10 12.4 
EnergyTech Clear  ♦
EnergyTech Green
EnergyTech Grey    
EnergyTech Supergreen
EnergyTech SuperClear      
SolTech Neutral    
SolTech Grey  

Please note the presence of haze may be perceived under certain light conditions.  Please see The Appearance of Haze in Glass Products technical briefing document for more information.  

When single glazed these products are not designed to prevent surface condensation and their insulating capacity is reduced should this occur. Viridian ThermoTech Insulating Glass Units are recommended in these situations.

Product Single Glazing Insulated Glass Units
Insulation Solar Daylight Insulation Solar Daylight
EnergyTech Clear 3.6 0.69 81 1.6 0.61 73
EnergyTech Green 3.7 0.49 71 1.6 0.41 63
EnergyTech Grey 3.7 0.47 40 1.7 0.39 35
EnergyTech SuperGreen 3.7 0.40 61 1.6 0.32 54
EnergyTech SuperClear  3.7 0.77  83  TBC  TBC TBC
SolTech Neutral
0.53 63 1.6 0.45 56
SolTech Grey 3.7 0.36 30 1.6 0.28 27

Performance data is for glass only and not suitable for NCC Section J calculations. Data compares performance of 6mm thickness for single glazed and IGUés are argon gas filled with 12mm width

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