We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – when you think about glass, you shouldn’t just think about windows. If you’re looking for a way to make your space extra special, consider DécorFloor™.

Ideal for creating feature staircases, walkways, display areas and so much more, DécorFloor™ lets natural light enter your building across all levels, while also adding a distinct design touch to your space.
DecorFloor 1 Illuminate Your SPace

Illuminate Your Space

Brighten up your interior with DécorFloor™, letting natural light transmit through stairwells and spread throughout multiple floors of your building.

DecorFloor 2 Safety Security

Safety & Security

DécorFloor™ has a range of non-slip patterns that not only offer an aesthetic benefit, but also prevent any safety issues – delivering you peace of mind.

DecorFloor 3 Create Beautiful Spaces

Create Beautiful Spaces

DécorFloor™ guarantees that “wow” factor in your space. Create a striking feature with a range of coloured options and custom designs available.

Diagram Tested

Tested & Certified

DécorFloor™ is tested & Certified to Grade A safety glass standards (AS2208).

Diagram Laminate


DécorFloor™ comprises of three or more layers of annealed or Viridian VTough™, with a PVB interlayer bonding these components together.

Technical Specifications

  • Staircases
  • Internal and external walkways
  • Entries
  • Foyers
  • Maximum Size: 2000 x 2500mm


Unless specified otherwise, DécorFloor is designed for foot traffic only. High concentrated loads from trolleys, sharp objects or heavy furniture should be avoided. For further information please contact Viridian.

Note that DecorFloor comes by default with full seraphic non-slipcoating unless a patterned alterative is specified


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